H.W. Picture Cars Inc.

Site updated  Oct. 5, 2019


We at H.W. Picture Cars are leaders in the rental of vehicles to the film industry. We are a full application vehicle supplier located in Toronto. "One stop shopping" is what we try to give to our customers. Our staff has over 95 combined years serving the industry. H.W. Picture Cars has been involved in the rental of vehicles to over 800 movies, numerous TV shows, many still photo sessions and advertising shoots and countless commercials. It does not matter if the production is of large budget or small, we try to give the best service available. We have supplied vehicles from 1910 to 2029. Many requests have been very obscure, however we try to give the same attention to all of the demands that are required.

Because of the many years with involvement in the film industry we have built up a relationship and rapport with many coordinators, prop buyers, producers and film houses that go far beyond a business relationship; many are good friends.

With the years of experience that our staff possesses no challenge is too great. If there is a need to have 5 cars painted overnight we accomplish the task. An order for 107 cars to be purchased, fitted, painted and dressed for a movie, we get the job done. The film industry at times puts enormous demands on the staff of any supplier and our staff meets the demands with the knowledge and professionalism we've gained over the years. To make, model or shape a vehicle to any specification, we accept the challenge. Our staff offers service for every minute of every day. Many hours of "on set" time has given our staff hours and hours of knowledge of how we can help you accomplish your goals. Our flatbed operators can be compared to none in the industry.